The seminars aim at individuals and institutional investors, share/EFTs/exchange traders, fund managers and analysts.
The Training Modules are designed to cover the needs of those who wish to:

  1. correctly apply technical analysis as the main tool for investment decisions.
  2. create a rule system checking the input/output signals of the financial product.
  3. introduce technical analysis as a supplementary tool in the process of investment decisions.

The presentation will be accompanied with multitude examples in order to understand the ideas of Technical Analysis, how the markets function and how they are currently structured.
The seminars offered by Amadalia are basically held in the company’s offices. However, in consultation with individual customers, the seminars could be offered in their business premises or via internet.


It is a 20 hour interactive seminar for investors, analysts and traders providing the fundamental knowledge for a full comprehension of Technical Analysis. It covers the key principles and notions with the view to enable the participants to properly implement technical analysis of both the markets and the timeframe of interest.


It is a 20 hour seminar addressing analysts, investors or traders with basic knowledge of Technical Analysis and Market experience. The objective of the seminar is to display the participants with the methods and techniques required for making successful investment decisions by adopting an approach based on specific rules and criteria.

These are specialized seminars dealing with particular areas of Technical Analysis. They aim at analysts, investors or traders who wish to have a deeper insight on certain products and theories, thus, perfecting their methodologies.
The duration of the seminars may vary according to individual needs.