In collaboration with both private and institutional clients, the company provides a wide range of services relying on three principles: expertise, simplicity in methodology and immediacy in communication.
Since 2008, Amadalia has been elaborating on the application, development and financial education methods resting on Technical Analysis.
The objective is maximising profit margins and providing the best possible customer service.
Amadalia is a private limited liability company based in Volos, founded by Vassilis and Christos Efthimiou both certified and full members of The Society of Technical Analysts, UK.

Christos Efthymiou

CHRISTOS EFTHIMIOU MSTA, graduated in 2002 from the National Military Academy with the rank of Second Lieutenant of Infantry. He served in the army for six years, from which he resigned in order to pursue a career in Trading Financial Products and Investments. He successfully completed a series of training programs in Financial Management (National University of Athens), Macroeconomics focusing on Credit Cycle and Banking Crisis, Financial Planning and Stock Market Investments (Department of Finance and Banking Administration-University of Piraeus). Finally, since April 2012 is a certified and full member of he Society of Technical Analysts, UK.

Vasilis Efthymiou

VASSILIS EFTHIMIOU MSTA, graduated from the faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Technological Educational Institute of Larissa. Since 2008, he deals exclusively with Share Trading and EFTs, applying Technical Analysis principles of Money Management to create and implement Trading Systems. He specializes in the study and analysis of selected shares in the technological and industrial sector as well as the healthcare sector both in Europe and America. Since 2012 is a certified and full member of The Society of Technical Analysts, UK and continues his research on Technical Analysis, Behavioural Finance and Money Management.

Aggelos Mastorakis

AGGELOS MASTORAKIS graduated in 2003 from the Law School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, where he worked extensively with issues of International Law. In 2001 he was a member of the Greek Delegation in the relevant games that took place in the U.S. Being a member of the Law Association of Volos since 2006, he pursued a postgraduate degree in “International Diplomatic History” in IAKA faculty of the University of Thessaly. He is currently engaged in active law practice, particularly with issues of representation of legal people, local administration, urban planning and administrative disputes.